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  • I have researched both candidates for the Port of Vancouver commissioner position. While I believe both candidates present good attributes worthy of the position, I believe Jack Burkman's knowledge and experience with Transportation, City of Vancouver vision, and commitment to community dialogue make him the better choice. I endorse Jack Burkman.
    Chuck Green
  • Jack understands the adverse impact of fossil fuels and believes that climate change is real. In his position as Port Commissioner he will ensure that our Port grows with green jobs good for our city.
    Nancy Schultz
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jack as my boss and Trustee of Clark College for ten years. Jack knew his role, did his homework, was always prepared for meetings, stayed engaged and involved and advocated strongly on behalf of our students. I couldn’t ask for a better boss and public servant to work for.
    Bob Knight
  • Jack is simply the best. A listener, a doer, and a bridge-builder. A terrific public servant.
    Madeleine Dulemba
  • Jack will be thoughtful, strategic and measured in his decision making. I appreciate his continued commitment to our community!
    Michelle Giovannozzi
  • Jack considers all angles of a situation before reaching decisions. Thoughtful, reasonable, informed. He's got my vote.
    Jan Verrinder
  • The Clark County Association of Realtors is proud to endorse Jack Burkman for Port Commissioner. Jack’s leadership, analysis, and ability to collaborate will be vital assets to keeping the Port moving forward.
    Clark County Association of Realtors
  • Jack Burkman is an effective leader who has extensive experience in both business and government to bring to the Port. He understands how government can work well. He will build consensus and provide practical solutions. He will extend the Port's success in providing livable wages to our community.
    Laurie Lebowsky
  • I think Jack will be a great Port Commisioner.
    Roy Heikkala
  • I have known Jack Burkman for 20 years. I have seen his work. He is first class and they do not come any better. I fully support him!
    Larry Smith
  • He is a man of integrity and compassion! His service for our city shows his devotion to us all! I endorse him.
    Dale Castle
  • I don't know of anyone better than Jack for this post.
    He understands what needs to be done at the Port. I'm happy he is willing to serve!

    Don Steinke
  • Jack is smart and does his homework. He is an ethical leader who will get the job done.
    Tim Cook
  • Jack is exceptionally qualified to navigate the competing interests that revolve around Port issues, give clear direction to the Port, work effectively with the other commissioners and enact leadership that does not get bogged down by institutional inertia.
    Dr. Russell Freeland
  • Jack Burkman has always approached public service as a labor of love, done for the common good. Serving the Port will allow his caring, thoughtful, farsighted leadership to benefit our entire region for years to come. Please vote for Jack.
    Jane Elder Wulff
  • Jack Burkman is an action first leader. I was organizing a workshop for community leaders and Jack Burkman volunteered to support financially our scholarship program. This value based and action centered leadership is what we need more of in our community. I 100% endorse Jack Burkman.
    Kevin Hiebert
  • I have worked with Jack Burkman on projects relating to the betterment of the region. I know from my experience that he cares deeply about the community and dedicates an extraordinary amount of time to it. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for this position.
    Dene Grigar
  • Jack has every skill that we need in a port commissioner. Transparent communication. Exceptional leadership. Understanding the profit and loss statement. And willing to communicate to understand what the needs of the community are.
    Ralph Stevens
  • Jack is smart, always approachable and hard working. He is all in for Vancouver and the good of our community. I am glad he is running for this important position.
    Chris Crowley
  • Jack was truly an excellent City Councilman. He listened to all sides and was an awesome communicator of the complexities of difficult issues! He has always had his communities best interest at heart!!! He will bring these excellent traits and many more as a Port commissioner!
    Chuck Bailey
  • Jack has always put what is best for our community first. He was a fantastic city councilor and would be a great asset to the city as a port commissioner. He has proven he is 100 percent committed to doing what is best for Vancouver.
    Scott Flury
  • Jack served as a Library Trustee (a citizen volunteer position) for 7 years and as Vancouver city councilman for 12 years among many other community activities. You can learn more about his engagements and services under "About - Biography" on his page. I support Jack's candidacy as the Vancouver Port Commissioner for District 3 based on his previous commitments, contributions and track records.
    Amy Lee
  • Jack is all about community service and smart economic development.
    Doug Lasher
  • With as much as he has given back to this community, this was an easy call! Thank you for your hard work Jack!
    Jeff Angelo
  • I have known Jack to be very dedicated to any job he has done. I'm sure he will be the same as our Port Commissioner.
    Roy Brannam
  • Jack is analytical and visionary, a rare combination that means he can think long range as well as identify the steps necessary to reach a vision that will benefit each of us.
    Marjorie Ledell
  • "Jack is one of the brightest, most principled persons who have ever been in public service."
    Den Mark Wichar
  • Jack has proven to be a selfless leader in our community time and time again. I fully endorse his run for Port Commissioner.
    Ken Stryker
  • There's nobody better qualified to represent us as a Port Commissioner. Jack Burkman will get the job done right.
    Esther Schrader
  • I have known Jack Burkman for many years. He is a man of integrity, and deeply cares about our community. I find him to be a solid individual with good business acumen. With his addition to the port of Vancouver, I feel they will be gaining a strong resource that will help create and maintain a strong vision for the future.
    Mario Raia
  • We are both delighted to endorse Jack Burkman for Port Commissioner. His record of public service in various capacities here in Clark County shows that he understands and endorses the concept of cooperative governing. His experience, vision, engineering background, hard work ethic, and ability to be a team player, will stand him in good stead as he helps to steer our Port and City forward in a positive direction.
    David & Edna Green
  • Jack will bring leadership, experience and a proven commitment to citizens and businesses in Southwest Washington on Vancouver's Port of Commissioners.
    Laura Ellsworth
  • I've met Jack, I've seen him speak, I've seen him write, and he is very well-versed and remarkably honest.
    Vicki Bickford
  • I have known Jack for many years, hearing he came out of retirement to once again serve and lead our community was great news. Safety of our Port is a priority for me, I know Jack will help expand and enhance services without jeopardizing the safety of our community and for this he has my support.
    Michelle Bart
  • I have always been impressed with Jack's deliberative & thoughtful style of governance, and look forward to seeing him on the Port Commission!
    Roy Valo
  • Jack will serve us well!
    Major W. Harris, Jr.
  • Jack will bring strategic vision to ensure a prosperous future for our port and thoughtful decision making skills to ensure the safety of our community.
    David Williams
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Jack in both his role on City Council and his work with local non-profits. He is constantly researching and learning, and is an active listener who carefully considers all perspectives before taking wise and thoughtful action. He has served our community well, and will continue to do so as a Port Commissioner!
    Jordan Boldt
  • I believe Jack has the knowledge and the experience we need at the Port
    Sandra Miller
  • Jack will make a great Port Commissioner!
    John Karpinski
  • Jack is a proven respected representative in this community. No one is more capable of this task than Jack Burkman. He has my 100% support.
    Lynne Lincoln
  • Experienced in all aspects of participatory democracy, Jack is attuned to the public needs by listening.
    Jim Martin
  • I'm proud to support Jack Burkman for port. He will be a great addition to the board. With his proven track record he will continue to do wonderful things for our community.
    Jim Mains
  • I wholeheartedly endorse Jack Burkman in his run for Port Commissioner.
    Bart Hansen

  • Jeff Angelo
  • Albert Angelo III
  • Julie Arnez
  • Dr. Gloria T. Arroyo
  • Diana Avalos-Leos
  • Chuck Bailey
  • Elinor Peace Bailey
  • Michelle Bart
  • Al Bauer (former State Senator)
  • Vicki Bickford
  • Scott Binkley
  • Janet Birgenheier
  • John Blom (Clark County Councilor)
  • Jordan Boldt
  • Roy Brannam
  • Mark Brown
  • Chris Burkman
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Ellen Burton
  • Barry Cain
  • Joan Caley
  • Larry Cassidy
  • Manlio Castillo
  • Dale Castle
  • Jeanne Caswell
  • Amy Cheng
  • Paul Christensen
  • Cathryn Chudy
  • Dale Chumbley
  • Clark County Association of Realtors
  • Annette Cleveland (State Senator)
  • Onofre Contreras
  • Tim Cook
  • Ed and Kasey Cote
  • Chris Crowley
  • Bryan Dainty
  • Sara De La Fuente
  • John Deeder
  • Jon DeVore
  • Christine Dickinsen
  • Kathie Dixon
  • Todd Dixon
  • Madeleine Dulemba
  • Mary Elkin
  • Laura Ellsworth
  • Molly Evans
  • Dee Anne Finken
  • Scott Flury
  • Ron Frederiksen
  • Dr. Russell Freeland
  • Michael Furey
  • Jake Garcia
  • Heidi Gardner
  • Shane Gardner
  • Sherri Gassaway
  • Ted Gathe
  • Michelle Giovannozzi
  • VeNicia Glazier
  • Linda Glover (Vancouver Councilmember)
  • Cathy Golik
  • Tony Golik (Clark County Prosecuting Attorney)
  • Stacey Graham
  • Chuck Green
  • David & Edna Green
  • Meridian Green
  • Dene Grigar
  • Bruce Hagensen (former Vancouver Mayor)
  • Debbie Ham
  • Bart Hansen (Vancouver Councilmember)
  • Jo Marie Hansen
  • Steve Hansen
  • Major W. Harris, Jr.
  • Peter Harrison
  • Kim Hash
  • Roy Heikkala
  • Betsy Henning
  • Nan Henriksen (former Camas Mayor & more)
  • Kevin Hiebert
  • Bob Higbie
  • Eileen Higbie
  • David Hodges
  • Suzanne Holden
  • Lehman Holder
  • Nelson Holmberg
  • Steve Horenstein
  • Noland Hoshino
  • IBEW Local Union 48
  • Indivisible Greater Vancouver
  • Jane Jacobsen
  • Janet James
  • Lee L. Jensen
  • Pat Jollota (former Vancouver Councilmember)
  • Louis Kameroff
  • John Karpinski
  • Elie Kassab
  • Carol Keljo
  • Andrea Keniston
  • Neil Kimsey
  • Bob Knight
  • Keith Koplan
  • Merle Koplan
  • Dianna Kretzschmar
  • Mike Kretzschmar
  • Eric LaBrant (Vancouver Port Commissioner)
  • James Lantz
  • Doug Lasher (former Clark County Treasurer)
  • Tim Leavitt (former Vancouver Mayor)
  • Laurie Lebowsky (Vancouver City Council member)
  • Marjorie Ledell
  • Amy Lee
  • Temple Lentz (Clark County Councilor)
  • Bob Lewis
  • Lynne Lincoln
  • Alice Perry Linker
  • Carolyn Long
  • Garry Lucas (former Clark County Sheriff)
  • Jim Luce
  • Liz Luce (former Clark County Auditor)
  • Michael Lynch
  • Kala Madugula
  • Sesha Madugula
  • Ceci Mains
  • Jim Mains
  • Joe Maldonado
  • Marsha Manning
  • Jim Martin
  • Frank Matlock
  • Laurie McAllister
  • Karen McCallister
  • Thom McConathy
  • Jennifer McDaniel (former Washougal Councilor)
  • Marie-Faye McDonald
  • Anne McEnerny-Ogle (Vancouver Mayor)
  • Carmen McKibben
  • Dale McLain
  • Linda McLain
  • Dennis Megrditchian
  • Eric Merrill
  • Ginger Metcalf
  • Gretchen Meyer
  • Traci Meyer-Jones
  • Anna Miller
  • Sandra Miller
  • Jim Moeller (former State Representative)
  • Paul Montague
  • Betty Sue Morris (former Clark County Commissioner)
  • Ronald E. Morrison
  • Terry Murphy
  • Javier Navaro
  • Debbie Nelson
  • David Nierenberg
  • Terry Ogle
  • Darryll Olson
  • Don Orange (Vancouver Port Commissioner)
  • Larry Paulson
  • Diana Perez
  • Leah Perkel
  • Steve Perkel
  • Royce Pollard (former Vancouver Mayor)
  • Gail Pollock
  • Mike Pond
  • Kelly Punteney
  • Mario Raia
  • Dellan Redjou
  • Magan Reed
  • Patty Reyes
  • Rob Rich
  • Nick Ruark
  • Jackie Rubinelli
  • John Rudi
  • Deanna Rusch (Camas Councilor)
  • Robert Rusk
  • Susan Saul
  • Craig Schaefer
  • Tim Schauer
  • Esther Schrader
  • Nancy Schultz
  • Rhona Sen Hoss
  • Loren Sickles
  • Sierra Club/Loo Wit Group
  • Kate Singh
  • Larry Smith (former Vancouver City Councilor)
  • Eulalia Soto
  • Southwest Washington Central Labor Council
  • Paul Speer
  • Barney Speight
  • Don Steinke
  • Kathleen Stevens
  • Paul Stevens
  • Ralph Stevens
  • Alan Stewart
  • Ty Stober (Vancouver Councilmember)
  • Monica Stonier (State Representative)
  • Elson Strahan
  • Jan Strahan
  • Kris Strickler
  • Rekah Strong
  • Ken Stryker
  • Dean Sutherland
  • Rick Takach
  • Joe Tanner
  • Taxpayers for a Responsible Public Port
  • Alishia Topper (Clark County Treasurer)
  • Genaro Torres
  • Teresa Torres
  • Steve Valenta
  • Melissa Valo
  • Roy Valo
  • Jan Verrinder
  • Bill Whipple
  • Laurel Whitehurst
  • Den Mark Wichar
  • Christy Williams
  • David Williams
  • Holly Williams
  • Ken Williams
  • Mike Williams
  • Michele Wollert
  • Vicki M. Work
  • Jane Elder Wulff
  • Sharon Wylie (State Representative)
  • Julie Young
  • Bruce Ziegman

YES! I endorse Jack Burkman for Port of Vancouver!

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“I am running for Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 3, to bring my experience in business, local government, and leadership to the port board.”

- Jack Burkman