Port Issues


We need more good paying jobs on this side of the river and the port is in an excellent position to bring those jobs to Clark County.
This deep-water port has 5 marine terminals and 13 berths that handle ocean-going vessels and river barges. The port controls 1600 acres of public property and...


The port and its tenants require good freight mobility: the ability to move materials and products via road, water and rail.
Road congestion is a major issue in Clark County and is getting worse. Freight haulers are particularly affected. It’s very expensive to have their rigs stuck in...


Jack supports the port’s Strategic Plan goal – “Protect air quality, water resources, and land managed by the port through deliberate and proactive efforts in all aspects of the port’s operations.”
He believes climate change is a major issue and the port has a...


Jack will work to help create an improved reputation for the port through continued transparency & community involvement.
He appreciates that the port heard our community and has moved past the oil terminal controversy. The port’s organizational values have been clarified in the new...


The port can be a strong partner in helping support the development of a skilled workforce to increase job opportunities across the port district. Like many businesses, the port tenants need to find and retain qualified workers, keep their employee skills current, and address the skilled employee...

Fiscal Responsibility

The port has a long history of being fiscally responsible, but that can quickly change if focus on financials is lost. Jack will make sure that doesn’t happen.
A balanced budget and adequate reserves are always required. Equally important is developing and communicating a long-term...

“I am running for Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 3, to bring my experience in business, local government, and leadership to the port board.”

- Jack Burkman