Jack supports the port’s Strategic Plan goal – “Protect air quality, water resources, and land managed by the port through deliberate and proactive efforts in all aspects of the port’s operations.”

He believes climate change is a major issue and the port has a role in helping address that. To make that happen, the port’s Strategic Plan calls for the development of a Climate Action Plan. The work to turn that into action is important and there will need to be a balance between environment and business. 

Specifically, the port’s Strategic Plan lists two strategies:

  • “Develop a Climate Action Plan through analysis of internal programs and policies, regulatory and voluntary emission programs, and best practices, consistent with the port’s commitment to sustainability.”
  • Maintain the port’s sustainability program to ensure that port operations are based on economic, environmental, and social values.”

In addition, the Strategic Plan calls for the creation of a Trails and Access Plan. Public access is very important. The port needs to continue to develop its portion of the waterfront Renaissance Trail – a long held community vision of a developed trail extending from Frenchman’s Bar to the mouth of the Columbia Gorge.

Both of those strategies are good starting points, but specific measures and outcomes must be created and reported to the port board on a regular basis. Jack has worked on developing and implementing many strategic plans and knows they don’t work if they are put on the shelf and ignored. He will make sure that does not happen.

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“I am running for Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 3, to bring my experience in business, local government, and leadership to the port board.”

- Jack Burkman