Jack will work to help create an improved reputation for the port through continued transparency & community involvement.

He appreciates that the port heard our community and has moved past the oil terminal controversy. The port’s organizational values have been clarified in the new Strategic Plan and they are being more open and transparent1. That’s a great starting point, but it’s easy to slip back into old practices. Jack won’t let that happen!

Jack will make sure that port business continues to be conducted publicly and the community is involved, just as he did as a Vancouver City Councilmember. He has learned it is most effective to go where the people are and not expect them to come to you. That means continual outreach and use of all means of communication, especially social media.

  • 1 The port’s Strategic Plan lists their organization values as integrity, honesty, responsibility, accountability, professionalism, respect, partnership, and achievement. (See page 9 of the Strategic Plan)

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“I am running for Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 3, to bring my experience in business, local government, and leadership to the port board.”

- Jack Burkman